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  • There are no refunds, but credit can be issued towards group classes, workshops or private lessons 

  • “Student discounts” are provided to college age and younger students; student ID and registration card for the current semester is required

  • Only one discount may be applied at a time

  • Admission to the Social Party is $15 at the door 

Group Class Policies
  • All Group Classes are 45 minutes long, unless otherwise specified

  • Group Classes and instructors are subject to change at the discretion of management

  • Please respect your fellow students, and arrive on time for your Group Classes. If you need help, please talk to the instructor after the class or arrange to have private lessons to catch up

  • You may only enter or move to a higher level Group Class with an instructor’s permission

  • A Group Class course may be cancelled or postponed if less than four students are enrolled

Private Lesson Policies


  • Private Lessons are 45 minutes long, unless otherwise specified, and are by appointment only. It is recommended that you book your lesson at least one week in advance to secure your desired day and time and your chosen instructor

  • Every Private Lesson must be paid for in advance

  • When you arrive for your Private Lesson, please check-in at the front desk first. We suggest that you arrive early to check in, change your shoes, warm up, etc.

  • To ensure that the instructor of your choice is available, you may schedule a Standing Lesson. A Standing Lesson means you will have the same day and time with your instructor every week. This lends to continuity of learning, as well as a simplified schedule. Standing Lessons can only be made when a student is on a package of five or ten lessons. If a Standing Lesson is cancelled two or more times within a month, you risk forfeiting your standing day and time

  • There is a 24-hour cancellation policy for all Private Lessons. If it becomes necessary to change or cancel your appointment, we must hear from you at least 24 hours before that lesson in order to avoid charging you for that lesson. If you cancel on the day of your lesson; a lesson will be deducted from your Private Lesson Package. If you purchased a single Private Lesson and cancel the day of the booking; that lesson will be charged and you will have to pre-pay for a new lesson

General Policies

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