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Group Classes


Group classes run in six-week long, progressive “courses” which are designed to teach steps in one type of dance from a standard syllabus. Because these courses are progressive, we recommend that students only join a course in the first or second week. The classes meet once a week for 45 minutes. Students rotate partners through the course of a class, as changing partners ultimately develops better partner dancing skills. Rotating partners also helps provide all students in the class with opportunities to dance, practice what is being taught in the class, and meet new people. No partner necessary! 


Private Lessons

Private lessons offer one-on-one attention, which allows an individual or a couple to learn at a pace that is more suitable to their needs.  Individual attention ensures the most rapid and thorough learning process. In addition, private lessons are also far easier to manage for those with demanding schedules. We offer private instruction in all styles of partner dancing and at all levels.  Individuals who are interested in taking their dancing a competitive level will benefit greatly from private instruction.  For more information please contact the studio directly.



Workshops are occasional master classes which focus on particular dance elements — technique, partnering skills, particular types of step patterns, musicality, options to add style to a dance, etc. They may be geared for absolute beginners wanting an intensive introduction to partner dance, or toward social dancers looking for new ways to enjoy their dancing, or toward advanced dancers looking for a competitive edge. We also offer performance classes for those looking to set goals for their dancing and have a chance to prepare and perform a group piece, a great way to develop closer relationships with your fellow students. Our instructors develop workshops specifically geared toward our student body’s interests and skill levels.


Main Line Ballroom Dance Studio
Main Line Ballroom Dance Studio
Main Line Ballroom Dance Studio
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